Projects and Needs

Besides the need for General Funds, there are certain specific needs that we are prioritizing, particularly to show and provide for the anticipated capacity needs. Your support and partnership is greatly appreciated by this ministry work.


When we were recently working on the new Workroom addition for the Patient Wing, we discovered water damage in a significant portion of the patient ward area. This resulted in having to remove half of the ward area platform, and essentially taking down almost all the Patient Wing, due to the extensive floor damage.

However, the Lord used this unplanned demolition work to take advantage of the opportunity and plan on making some much-needed upgrades and expansions to the Patient Wing.

Praise the Lord, He has given wisdom how to best utilize the space - which will result in almost doubling the capacity of the Patient Wing, as well as giving much more room for movement, restrooms, and utility areas.

The first week of March, we were able to get the new Workroom addition in the dry, so we were able to move all of the Patient Wing supplies into it; although more work is needed to finish out the interior area.

The under-floor plumbing has already been run for the future handwash station (near mop bucket), bathroom area (lower right), and the new Soiled Utility area (lower left). A hallway will intersect from left to right.

[3/9/2020] Praise the Lord, work has just started on determining, and leveling out, the new main platform! You can start to get a sense of how much space this will be adding!

Please keep this project in prayer, as many supplies are needed to finish the platform, wall it in, and then outfit the new capacity. New cots, mats, shelves, maintenence and utility equipment, etc. needed for this more-than-doubling of capacity! This will greatly enable the Brook Cherith work and ministering to be more effective, reach more people, and make a greater impact! Every part plays a part!


The Brook Cherith is ultimately a short-term, stop-gap measure, to buy people precious time until they can organize/move the medical clinic to a larger and more condusive facility (such as a church campus or school building). However, while most of the medical supplies, cots, instruments, etc. can be easily moved, most alternate locations will not have pre-built laundry centers; especially not designed for a medical clinic, nor with the needed water capacity.

A medical laundry trailer is one way that the entire system can easily be moved to a new location, allowing it to be used and quickly up and running. Besides having special setup for patient linens, scrubs, and operating theatre linens, the laundry trailer also has an area to help with staff private laundry - allowing them to do their medical roles best.

Status: all of the needed external infrastructure (water tote tanks, holding tanks, retaining pools, and hoses) is already gathered and ready. 90% of the internal plumbing hardware is gathered, as well as utility sinks and an ozone laundry system. The parking area is graveled, and a working RV outlet is ready for the outfitting and testing work. The generator hookup and shed is mostly ready.

Major Needs: a 34' trailer, washers and dryers, generator.

Medical Supplies
With the upgrading of the Patient Wing (where most of the people will be staying for an extended duration of time), we're also ultimately more-than-doubling the medical supply needs when we double the capacity. We need a significant boost in common medical supplies to meet the anticipated need; both for immediate treatment, but also for follow-up wound care and recovery.

Desired Supplies: Bulk Orthopedic supplies (roll bandages and wraps, foam tape, slings, various splints, etc.), Bulk Wound Care (gauzes of various sizes, strips, tapes, saline wash, etc.), and additional monitoring and examination equipment for the new beds and capacity.

Already, more common instruments are needed, for basic wound care, evaluation, and triage. These instruments are needed especially for multiple areas: Minimal, Delayed, Triage, and Patient Wing. Not only are currently supplies stretched thin, but there are not enough instruments to readily use while Sterilize is processing the already soiled ones.


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