Projects and Needs

Besides the need for General Funds, there are certain specific needs that we are prioritizing, particularly to show and provide for the anticipated capacity needs. Your support and partnership is greatly appreciated by this ministry work.

Portable Toilet Rental / Purchase
Like any disaster situation, the clinic model is ad-hoc, and nearby restrooms are not sufficient for the anticipated or modeled capacity. We would like to long-term rent or purchase (used) portable toilets to help illustrate and provide for the greatest anticipated needs. We would like to rent/buy at least 1, but 2 would be better.

Water Tanks
Medical clinics require a large amount of clean, potable water. We currently have a modest storage, but it is not quite up to the capacity requirements. We would like to have an additional 1,000 gallons of capacity on-demand. Extra tanks would also allow us to better demonstrate larger volume water purification methods.

Bulk Foods
Providing for the staff, patient, and even guest needs is crucial during a disaster. Easy-to-prepare bulk foods greatly save time, personnel, and energy resources. We would like to have enough bulk foods, on hand, to provide for 60 people, 3x a day, for at least seven days (1,260 meals).

Bottled Water
Immediately after sudden destruction, clean, accessible water is extremely important. Bottled water is a great convenience that saves incredible amounts of time - especially in the important golden hours immediately after a disaster. We would like to have at least a pallet's worth of bottled water availabe.

Medical Supplies
As anyone who has ever taken care of someone after major surgery knows, there are a lot of medical supplies that are needed just for the healing phase. When treating multiple patients, the supply needs quickly add up. We need these common supplies to better supply the need for the anticipated capacity and duration.


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