Volume III - Medical Fluid Solutions

Disaster Crash Course Digest Volume III

Something as simple as saline solution, properly produced, can make all the difference in patient outcome - especially right after a disaster situation. Medical fluids may have very simple ingredients; but they required the highest diligence in preparation and production. The risk of fluid contamination and patient infection is extremely high - carrying much responsibility and soberness. This resource guide is assembled from recipes and compositions readily available; yet, the greatest attention (particularly in a disaster setting) is on the safe production of these fluids.

Information Includes:

  • 12 Solution Recipes
  • Understanding the Production Process
  • How to make a Glovebox
  • Anesthesia
  • Mass Casualty, Triage, and the Disaster Scenario
  • Alternate IV Solution Delivery
  • Canning Fluid Solutions
  • Surgical Instruments, and more!
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