Volume I - Water, Washing, and Medicinal

Disaster Crash Course Digest Volume I

Life happens... whether you are traveling in a third-world country on various missions, picking up the pieces from a tornado, or even just confronting home or job loss, we will often find ourselves in situations that are far less than ideal.

This digest compiles ten great tutorials on a variety of important subjects. Keep it as a reference book, and share a copy with those who may also find themselves in austere situations!

Tutorials Include:

  • 25 Tips to Filtering Water Short-term
  • Washing Laundry Post-Disaster
  • Keeping Food Cool
  • 25 Tips to Staying Warm in an Emergency
  • Using Cloves for Topical Pain
  • Washing Dishes Post-Disaster
  • Using Sugar for Wound Treatment
  • Common Medical Recipes
  • How and When to Suture
  • How to Sterilize Instruments

6x9 Paperback. 56 pages. Color.

Each digest also contains Encouraging Thoughts & Quotes,
as well as Survival for the Soul - the simple plan of salvation.
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Designed for printing on duplex capable (2-sided) printers, for home assembly of booklets. Make sure printer is set to landscape, and to flip the paper over. Needs just one trim after stapling, which can be done with a standard large manual paper cutter. Great for assembling reference booklets for your group, or for giving away!
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